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Undeveloped Ranch Property at Lake Alan Henry
Property: Approximately 700 acres of undeveloped property connecting to Rio Brazos Estates on the shores of Lake Alan Henry.
Location: Approximately 70 miles southeast of Lubbock, Texas and 22 miles northwest of Snyder, Texas in Kent County.
Terrain: Flat to gently rolling mesquite with fields.
Water: One submergible well provides water for livestock. The property is also eligible for connection to the Rio Brazos Water System.
Hunting: Whitetail deer, mule deer, dove, quail, hogs, turkeys.
Improvements: A small set of working pens.
Comments: This small ranch property has some very unusual qualities in that if subdivided it may become part of Rio Brazos Estates, a development on the shores of Lake Alan Henry. Rio Brazos sold its first lots in 2001 and offers gated privacy and a private boat ramp. The subject property has access to that ramp. The property offers the best of both worlds with country living, wide open spaces, great hunting, and fishing in one of the top ten lakes in Texas!
Price: Realisticly priced at $1,485 per acre

Lake Alan Henry Ranch Lake Alan Henry Ranch Lake Alan Henry Ranch Lake Alan Henry Ranch
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