Kent County Ranch

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Features and Information

Location: Approximately 30 miles north of Snyder, TX in Kent County.
Acres: 5,693 acres more or less.
Terrain: The ranch consists of mostly sandy natured soil and is generally level to gently rolling. Vegetation includes native grasses with shin oak and scattered mesquite. The ranch is fenced into four main pastures and one trap. Access to the property is by deeded easement on a private road.
Improvements: None with the exception of the fences and pens.
Water: Water for the property is supplied by four submersible wells with a water pipeline throughout the ranch. There are also 2 water lines totaling approximately 1 mile equipped with quail waterers.
Hunting/Recreation:This ranch supports outstanding quail hunting and trophy deer!
Minerals: No minerals will be conveyed with the property. There is currently no
production on the ranch.
PRICE: $1,150 per acre

All information shown above, while based upon information supplied by the owner and from other sources deemed to be reliable, is not in anyway warranted by this company or its agents.

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