McGehee Ranch

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Features and Information

Location: Located in Borden County, approximately 10 miles east of Gail, TX.
Acres: Approximately 6,400 acres.
Terrain: The ranch has a variety of terrain from mesquite flats to gently rolling hills into some deeper canyons making the ranch perfect for the cattleman as well as hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. A 300 acre field is located on the northern portion of the ranch. The field has most recently been used for hay and grazing but does have a crop base. The property has a good cover of grasses including buffalo, side oats, tabosa, bluestem and other grasses common to the area. Trees on the ranch include mesquite, hackberry, cottonwood and wild plum with other common browse and shrubs .
Improvements: One set of working pens. Property is fenced and cross fenced.
Water: Extremely well watered ranch with over 20 stock tanks with several of the tanks covering over 5 surface acres. Bull Creek runs almost 3 miles through the northern portion of the ranch. This creek runs seasonally but holds water throughout the year.
Hunting/Recreation: This ranch offers a wide range of hunting and activities to engage any outdoor enthusiast. The varying terrain offers great habitat for the trophy whitetail deer and antelope found on the property as well as abundant quail. The large system of stock tanks ensure super duck hunting and fantastic catfish and bass fishing. Bull Creek with its large trees offer ideal habitat for the countless turkeys found on the ranch. Then there are the wild hogs which roam the property offering another opportunity for hunting .
MINERALS: No minerals will be conveyed.
COMMENTS: This ranch is the kind that only comes along once in a great while. Held in one family for over 100 years the property runs deep with the history of the Indians who once roamed the area and the cattlemen who settled the land. The property offers great opportunities to enjoy a well rounded list of recreational activities as well as provide the necessary parts for a working cattle ranch. Add all this to the fact the property has county road access to two different areas and you have one remarkable ranch!

All information shown above, while based upon information supplied by the owner and from other sources deemed to be reliable, is not in anyway warranted by this company or its agents.

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